Leanne Hopkins: Uncovering the Origin Story of Succeed Healthcare Solutions

Leanne Hopkins and the Succeed Healthcare Solutions Team Engaging with Children Outdoors

Embracing a Passion for Special Needs

Succeed Healthcare Solutions emerged from a deep-rooted passion to support people with special needs, driven by a pressing need for accessible assistance that was lacking in the existing landscape.

Our founders recognised the untapped potential and unique challenges faced by individuals with special needs. Motivated by the desire to make a difference, they embarked on a quest to fill the void and provide the help that was desperately needed but not readily available.

Today, Succeed Healthcare Solutions stands as a testament to their vision, combining experience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to empower people with the support they deserve. Join us in this journey as we strive to uncover their true potential and foster a world where every person can succeed.

Leanne Hopkins’ Quest: Volunteering in Romanian Orphanages

​Driven by a profound compassion for disadvantaged children, Leanne Hopkins (Founder and Occupational Therapist) embarked on a life-changing journey in 1998, dedicating nearly a year to volunteering at three Romanian orphanages and children’s homes. Witnessing the delayed development suffered by many of these children due to neglect before their arrival at the centres, Leanne was deeply moved to take action.

Challenging the Status Quo: Leanne Hopkins’ Groundbreaking Therapy Program

In the face of cultural norms that discouraged adult interaction with children, Leanne fearlessly challenged the status quo. She recognised that these children were in desperate need of love, attention, and developmental support. Undeterred, she formulated and implemented a groundbreaking developmental therapy program for children aged 0-6 at one of the orphanages, even arranging a memorable trip to the zoo. This was a remarkable feat, considering that some of the children had never experienced a simple car ride.

Tangible Impact: Leanne Hopkins Transforming Lives and Fostering Hope

In a newsletter documenting the program’s progress, a Centre Director shared heartwarming success stories. One child, previously unresponsive, amazed observers with her newfound sociability. Another two-and-a-half-year-old girl transformed from refusing to eat with a spoon to confidently using one, accompanied by her first smile. Children who had once languished in cribs or on the floor, rocking themselves, were now exploring the world, walking independently, and demonstrating improved muscle tone and social interaction. The impact of Leanne’s intervention was tangible and thrilling.

Leanne’s work even extended to an ambitious social orphan who aspired to become a doctor. She taught him anatomy and first aid, nurturing his dreams. Remarkably, he eventually achieved his goal and became a doctor in the UK, acknowledging Leanne’s influence. She also taught him to swim, and he later accomplished the incredible feat of swimming across the Danube River.

Beyond Romania: Leanne Hopkins Extending the Commitment to Empowerment

The child-shaped void that remained in Leanne’s heart upon leaving Romania further ignited her passion to empower children to reach their full potential, both in Australia and beyond. Drawing from her own experiences as a parent to children with special needs, she intimately understands the critical importance of effective support.

Leanne’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond Romania. She continues to provide financial assistance to underprivileged children, supporting a sponsor child in Thailand, fostering hope and opportunity in their lives.

A Vision for the Future: Fostering Inclusivity and Success with Leanne Hopkins

Leanne’s extraordinary journey, driven by a profound love for children and a dedication to their well-being, has shaped her unwavering commitment to helping every child become the best they can be. Her extraordinary work continues to inspire the team at Succeed Healthcare Solutions, as we strive to fulfil Leanne Hopkins’ vision of creating a world where families thrive.