Therapy delivered differently.

Succeed Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2010 in order to meet a gap in services in the community at that time. Filling gaps with innovative solutions remains our focus.

Having a clear, meaningful end goal before the service begins, and being transparent about the services being offered.

Measuring before and after to evaluate if the therapy had the desired impact, adjusting the services along the way as needed.

Aiming to offer services at sufficient intensity (including tasks for families to do at home, school or work) to facilitate meaningful change.

Where we shine

The clinic has particular skills in delivering services to young people with autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, anxiety, anger, depression and chronic pain. We also provide support to participants who are gifted or struggling to manage the psychological impacts of chronic disease such as diabetes or obesity.

Our vision

Create a world where families thrive.

Our purpose

To cultivate healthy young people who make a positive contribution to society and fulfil their potential in all areas of daily life.

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