for success.

Succeed Healthcare offers occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, and therapy assistants (with speech therapy partnership) for young people aged 3 to 35. Primarily delivered through clubs, in clinic/community/outdoors or via telehealth. Clubs are where the magic of therapy happens.

Other services include strengthening couples relationship skills, and parenting skills (open to all adults).

Friendship and
relationship skills

Values, needs
and strengths

management skills

Organisation and
time management

Career planning and
workplace behaviour

living skills

The Succeed difference

Struggles that develop in the child, teen and young adult years can often have significant long-term impacts if not addressed adequately. Yet teens and young adults are the least likely to seek the support they need. Therapists have also traditionally shied away from working with teens and young adults. 

At Succeed Healthcare Solutions, we don’t believe in giving up. We believe in tackling the barriers that young people (and therapists) face in engaging together with therapy and making a long-term difference in young people’s lives. 

We offer primarily club-based therapy for socialisation whilst learning new skills

Meet with one of our team to discuss what you appreciate most about your young person and to identify up to seven areas where your young person needs a helping hand, using the MEYA Clinical Interview tool. 

These areas include behaviour, mood, behaviour, play skills, conversations and friendships, self-care and motor skills. 

Then the fun really starts!

Therapy + Socialising +/– Exercise = Increased opportunity for success

Our focus

Primarily club-based therapy for socialisation

Focus on achieving meaningful, functional outcomes

A positive culture with a team who love their jobs

A friendly peer group for socialisation and fun

Tracking session satisfaction and outcomes

Encouraging caring, open and honest communication

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