Dependable Science-Backed Homework Club – Reading, Writing, Maths, Planning and Organisation Skills including home program with 40-60+ hours of use

Welcome to Homework Club, where we offer an integrated journey of learning and development. Our program blends innovative methods like MATHia® Adventure and Fast Forword Reading with a focus on enhancing critical academic skills in reading, writing, and maths. With the support of dedicated professionals, we aim to provide a holistic approach to each student's studies, fostering both academic excellence and personal growth.

Tutoring North Lakes Style Therapy Via Homework Club – Reading, Writing, Maths, Planning and Organisation Skills

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Discover an innovative approach to student development with our integrated therapy program, featuring MATHia® Adventure for maths, Fast ForWord for reading, handwriting, and executive function skills including using current school or homework. This unique blend of educational tools is designed to foster a robust foundation in critical academic and life skills.

MATHia® Adventure: Igniting a Love for Math

MATHia® Adventure offers a game-based learning platform for Prep to year 5 students, merging fun with educational rigour. Designed with students’ perspectives in mind, it transforms meaningful play into effective math practice. This award-winning program personalises the learning experience, providing hints and help as students navigate through their math journey. Encouraging an engaging learning environment, MATHia® Adventure motivates students to explore math concepts with excitement, backed by game-based exercises and performance tracking. This approach not only enhances mathematical understanding but also fosters a genuine enthusiasm for learning math through tutoring North Lakes style therapy.

Enhancing Cognitive and Language Skills with Fast ForWord and Clear Fluency

Fast ForWord is a research-based program aimed at boosting cognitive and language development. Through adaptive exercises focused on foundational language skills, auditory processing, and attention, Fast ForWord creates an interactive learning experience from home. It’s designed to captivate students and offers real-time feedback. Research by Carnegie Learning shows 1-2 year gains in reading levels in 40-60 hours of consistent use.

For more information, see Fast ForWord.

Complementing this is ClearFluency, a gamified tool targeting reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary through oral reading exercises and interactive AI tutor support. Together, these programs offer a potent approach to enhancing reading abilities and cognitive skills through tutoring North Lakes style therapy.

For more information, see ClearFluency.

Handwriting and Executive Function Skills using Tutoring North Lakes Style Therapy

The Homework Club offers a comprehensive approach to student development, focusing on gross motor, fine motor, handwriting and executive function skills using multi-sensory learning in an active environment including the outdoors. Led by an allied health assistant under the guidance of an occupational therapist, the club combines fun activities with proven techniques to help students develop their writing skills and executive function skills with confidence and enthusiasm. Incorporating the Size Matters Handwriting Program and Handwriting Without Tears into student lead activities, students receive expert instruction in developing their writing skills. Additionally, the club provides opportunities to improve executive function skills such as organisation, time management, and task initiation, using current school or homework assignments to reinforce these skills in a practical setting.


A Comprehensive Approach to Student Development

Our integrated therapy program offers a holistic approach to education and development, covering maths, reading, handwriting, and executive function skills. By addressing NDIS functional areas such as communication, social interaction, learning, and self-care, we aim to provide a well-rounded support system for students. This innovative combination of services is designed to enhance life skills, preparing students for a successful journey through learning and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how our programs can support your students’ development. Should participants need more occupational therapy to complement Homework Club, try Lifehacks Pro.

*Please note this is not tutoring with tutors but therapy with a tutoring feel as we package therapy in a way that is meaningful to students. 

Cost: 15 minutes of therapist time ($48.49) per week to review progress and tailor therapy plans based on progress. Additional hourly costs with therapist ($193.99) or allied health assistant ($86.79 + case conference with therapist of $12.93) for individual therapy sessions in person or online as needed.