Thrill Seekers for Success Clubs (Ninja Warrior and Revolutionaries Clubs)

Many carers tire of their young person resisting going to therapy. Therefore we strive to make our therapy programs fun, engaging and practical so that young people voluntarily want to attend. Skills covered include social, emotional, physical, sensory and cognitive skills in a motivating and meaningful environment.

Why attend?

Young people are more likely to learn when they are motivated and interested in what they are doing. In addition some young people learn best through hands-on experiential learning. Our thrill Seekers Clubs provide an active, fun, and supportive atmosphere to learn social, emotional, sensory, or physical skills.

How does it work?

Thrill Seekers Clubs are facilitated by an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or an Exercise Physiologist using DIR Floortime therapy and encompass:

  • Ninja Warrior Club. Where: YMCA Mango Hill. When: 6.30-7.30pm Wednesdays. Ages: 7-17 year olds. Features: Ninja rig, trampolines, gymnastics bars, air track and large floor space for games. The venue is hired exclusively to reduce the sensory and social demands.
  • Revolutionaries Club. Where: Revolution Sports Park North Lakes. When: 9-10am Saturdays; 12.30-1.30pm Thursdays. Ages: All. Features: Trampolines, warped walls, indoor rock climbing, slides and air track. The venue is shared with the general public at a quieter time of day with softer music, to assist with learning to cope with slightly higher sensory and social demands than at YMCA. Young people can stay on for an extra hour after the therapy session ends, to socialise and practice their skills. Please note that the second hour is much busier than the first hour.
  • Adrenaline Club. Where: Various local attractions. When: School holidays, Thursdays 9am-12.30pm for an hour per session Ages: All. Features: Beach visits, tree climbing, water parks, cycling, mini-golf, non-boring board games, and outdoor adventure activities.
  • Generation Pound style therapy. Where: Online. When: Replaces Thrill Seekers Clubs that are unable to run during COVID restrictions. Ages: All. Features: Drumming rock band movement workout using lightly weighted exercise drumsticks. For more information see: Pound for kids. 

Therapy assistants are available to generalise skills learnt during clubs to the everyday environment.

*Private hourly individual rate is $195. NDIS hourly individual rate is $193.99. Cost for the group Program of Support will average about $170 per hour including a complete therapy experience tailored to your young persons' needs (break down of fee schedule to be provided upon enquiry). Additional costs for some activities and food may apply.