Speech Pathology Excellence via SpeechPath Connect: – A Collaborative Approach with Succeed Healthcare Solutions and Umbo

Welcome to SpeechPath Connect. We bring together the expertise of Succeed Healthcare Solutions and Umbo to provide comprehensive speech pathology experiences. With a focus on Fast Forword and ClearFluency, an evidence-based and gamified reading tool, combined with expert speech pathologists from Umbo and convenient in-person Allied Health Assistants, we are dedicated to maximising your speech and language development potential in North Lakes.

Speech Pathology North Lakes Excellence via SpeechPath Connect – A Collaborative Approach with Succeed Healthcare Solutions and Umbo

Welcome to SpeechPath Connect, where you can find Speech Pathology Excellence in North Lakes through a collaborative approach with Succeed Healthcare Solutions and Umbo. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding speech pathology services for your child’s needs.

Fast ForWord and Clear Fluency: Aiming to Enhance Cognitive and Language Skills

At Succeed Healthcare Solutions, we are pleased to present Fast ForWord, a program grounded in scientific research, aiming to support your child’s cognitive and language development. Fast ForWord offers adaptive exercises with a focus on foundational language skills, auditory processing, and attention enhancement that can be undertaken from the comfort of your own home. While it addresses the underlying causes of language and reading challenges, individual results may vary depending on the participation rate in the program. The program’s interactive nature is designed to engage children, and its real-time feedback system provides insights into their progress. If your child encounters challenges in phonemic awareness, grammar, or listening comprehension, Fast ForWord seeks to offer a supportive approach. Explore this thoughtfully designed program as a potential avenue to support your child’s cognitive and language journey.

For more information, see the Fast ForWord.

ClearFluency, is an evidence-based and gamified tool designed to enhance your child’s reading abilities. With the support of an interactive AI tutor, ClearFluency targets fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary enhancement. Through engaging oral reading exercises and valuable feedback, ClearFluency encourages your child to refine their reading skills. Accessible from the comfort of home, ClearFluency’s audio model and pronunciation support ensure accurate articulation during reading practice. The ClearFluency subscription is bundled with Fast Forword. 

This program can be accessed with the support of our Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Assistants, with further input from our Speech Pathology partners if needed. 

For more information, see ClearFluency.

Expert Speech Pathologists via Videoconference

Our collaboration with Umbo allows us to connect your child with expert speech pathologists via videoconference. Umbo’s highly qualified professionals provide online therapy sessions, ensuring convenience and accessibility. Regular reviews and assessments by Umbo’s speech pathologists allow for personalised therapy plans and adjustments as needed.

Personalised Therapy Approach

At Succeed Healthcare Solutions and Umbo, we understand that every child’s speech therapy needs are unique. That’s why our collaborative approach allows Umbo’s speech pathologists to prescribe additional activities, tailoring therapy plans to address individual requirements. While Fast Forword and ClearFluency may serve as a foundational tool, Umbo’s speech pathologists can also incorporate other activities to supplement the therapy program, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised approach.

Dedicated In-Person Allied Health Assistants

To further enhance your child’s progress, our team at Succeed Healthcare Solutions provides dedicated in-person Allied Health Assistants (AHAs). Working alongside Umbo’s speech pathologists, our AHAs carry out prescribed therapy activities to reinforce progress made during videoconference sessions. This in-person assistance ensures that therapy extends beyond the virtual realm and is tailored to your child’s unique needs.

NDIS Functional Areas Addressed

SpeechPath Connect addresses the NDIS functional areas in the following ways:

  1. Mobility: Improved communication skills can indirectly impact mobility by enhancing interactions and understanding of instructions related to movement.
  2. Communication: SpeechPath Connect targets speech and language development, promoting effective communication through evidence-based tools like ClearFluency.
  3. Social Interaction: Improved speech and language abilities fostered by SpeechPath Connect can lead to better social interactions with peers.
  4. Self-Management: Enhanced communication skills aid self-management by helping participants express their needs effectively.
  5. Learning: SpeechPath Connect enhances learning by improving reading abilities and language skills.
  6. Self-Care: Improved communication skills can enhance a participant’s ability to express their self-care needs effectively.

Experience the Comprehensive Benefits

With the combined strengths of Fast Forword and ClearFluency, Succeed’s Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Assistants and Umbo’s speech pathologists as needed, we offer a holistic and dynamic speech pathology program. Our collaborative approach ensures that your child receives the support and care, maximising their potential for speech and language development.

Discover our collaborative speech pathology North Lakes services at Succeed Healthcare Solutions and Umbo. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards improved speech and language skills for your child.

Should participants need more occupational therapy to complement ClearFluency, try Lifehacks Pro.

Cost: 15 minutes of therapist time ($48.49) per week to review progress and tailor therapy plans based on progress. Additional hourly costs with therapist ($193.99) or allied health assistant ($86.79 + case conference with therapist of $12.93) for individual therapy sessions in person or online as needed.