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Succeed Healthcare offers a range of group and individual programs for participants aged 3–35, to learn new skills, socialise and most importantly, have fun!

Benefits of clubs (group therapy)

  • Club members can serve as role models for other members of the club
  • Clubs allow young people to receive the support and encouragement of the other members of the club
  • Club are more affordable
  • Clubs can offer a safe haven
  • By working in a club, the therapist can see first-hand how each young person responds to other people and behaves in social situations

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Kristi - physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Consultation


Need a physiotherapist? Let Kristi help you!

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Health, Wealth and Stealth Club (Family Well-Being)

Health, Wealth and Stealth Club (Family Well-Being)

Concentration/organisation, Emotions, Friendship/conversations

Succeed Healthcare Solutions believes that a wholistic family focus is beneficial to each member of the family, rather than focusing on just one member of the family.

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Functional Rehabilitation Club (chronic pain management)

Functional Rehabilitation Club (chronic pain management)

Concentration/organisation, Coordination/strength, Independence/study/work, Sensory

Chronic pain is estimated to affect 20 to 35% of children and adolescents. We aim to reduce the functional impacts of this on their lives.

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Carer Education Package

Carer Education Package – recommended for most new clients

Concentration/organisation, Coordination/strength, Emotions, Friendship/conversations, Independence/study/work, Sensory

Our Carer Education Package* is designed to show families how to achieve ‘quick wins’ where possible themselves, using the best evidence-based methods available.

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