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Succeed Healthcare offers a range of group and individual programs for participants aged 3–35, to learn new skills, socialise and most importantly, have fun! We aim to assist young people to successfully navigate life’s major transitions. Our clubs suit two different learning styles: 1) Experiential ‘hands-on’ learning by doing and 2) Explicit teaching of skills and knowledge. Young people can pick the style that suits them best.

Benefits of clubs (group therapy)

  • Club members can serve as role models for other members of the club
  • Clubs allow young people to receive the support and encouragement of the other members of the club
  • Club are more affordable
  • Clubs can offer a safe haven
  • By working in a club, the therapist can see first-hand how each young person responds to other people and behaves in social situations

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Parenting for Success Club (including toilet training and sleep through to emotion coaching)

Concentration/organisation, Emotions, Friendship/conversations, Independence/study/work, Sensory, Skills

Some aspiring or current parents wonder if they can be successful at parenting. Succeed seeks to assist parents to thrive, not just survive. Includes Gottman's 5 steps to emotion coaching.

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Partnerships for Success Club

Concentration/organisation, Emotions, Friendship/conversations, Skills

Many carers worry if their young person will find love and maintain a long term relationship. Young people may share that anxiety. Succeed strives to assist couples of all ages to build stronger long term relationships and healthier ways to cope with issues as they arise. Succeed is a Gottman Relationship Checkup approved member.

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Chill Out Clubs (including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)

Stress Less for Success Clubs (including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)

Concentration/organisation, Emotions, Friendship/conversations, Independence/study/work, Sensory

Whole families can suffer when a young person experiences intense emotions. Stress Less for Success seeks to improve young people's quality of life through teaching distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness skills.

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Gamers Clubs (Minecraft, Roblox, Dungeons & Dragons, Mightier and HeartMath biofeedback)

Gamers for Success Clubs (Mightier and HeartMath biofeedback)

Concentration/organisation, Coordination/strength, Emotions, Friendship/conversations

Many carers wonder how they can channel their young persons interests in digital devices for good. We make therapy fun, engaging, and visual by using gaming and biofeedback programs to teach stress, anxiety, self-regulation and emotion management skills.

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Health, Wealth and Stealth Club (Family Well-Being)

Health, Wealth and Stealth Club (Family Well-Being)

Concentration/organisation, Emotions, Friendship/conversations

Succeed Healthcare Solutions believes that a wholistic family focus is beneficial to each member of the family, rather than focusing on just one member of the family.

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Coaching Club (Strengths and Interests Based Coaching)

Strengths Quest for Success Club (coaching)

Concentration/organisation, Emotions, Friendship/conversations, Independence/study/work

Young people can suffer from low confidence and self-esteem as they compare themselves to their peers. They don't understand the way they tick, so they don't how to be the best they can be. Our coaching program aims to help young people to take charge of their lives, increase their confidence, attract the people they want in their lives, improve their lifestyle and pursue their dreams.

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Functional Rehabilitation Club (chronic pain management)

Active Self-Management for Success Club (chronic pain management)

Concentration/organisation, Coordination/strength, Independence/study/work, Sensory

Young people with untreated or poorly treated chronic pain often drop out of school and can become socially withdrawn and isolated. They are at risk of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. This can have flow on effects to the family. We aim to help young people to manage their pain more effectively and achieve their functional goals.

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Carer Education Package

Carer Education for Success Package – recommended for most new clients

Concentration/organisation, Coordination/strength, Emotions, Friendship/conversations, Independence/study/work, Sensory

Some carers lack confidence in how to help their young person to do more for themselves around the home or to achieve their goals. Our Carer Education for Success Package is designed to show families how to achieve ‘quick wins’ where possible themselves, using the best evidence-based methods available.

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