Secret Agent Society Club

This award-winning program uses an engaging secret agent theme to teach 8-12 year old kids social and emotional skills in a fun way. The goal is to equip kids to feel happier, calmer and braver while making and keeping friends. Features include an animated computer game, Helpful Thought Laser Action game, and Challenger board game. This is one of the most successful evidence based interventions of its kind in the world.

We’ve been running this program for 10 years (since it started) and have kept before and after statistics of progress for each child who has attended.  

Assessment stage: Assessment of Social Functioning; Introductory Parent Meeting; Game Activation Presentation; liaison with school; in person school observation assessment (North Lakes/Mango Hill).

Session duration: Child Modules are 90 minutes and parent feedback is 30 minutes each two hour session. 

  • Module 1: Bionic Powers; detecting how others feel from facial expression, body posture and voice tone clues. 
  • Module 2: Detecting emotions in yourself from body clues; Emotionometer; Relaxation Gadgets. 
  • Module 3: Relaxation Gadgets. 
  • Module 4: Relaxation Gadgets; Friend Profiling – Friendometer. 
  • Module 5: D.E.C.O.D.E.R social problem solving formula; Conversation Code. 
  • Module 6: Play Code. 
  • Module 7: Damage Control Code; SAS Board Game; detecting the difference between accidents, jokes and nasty deeds. 
  • Module 8: Bully disguises; Bully-Guard Body Armour. 
  • Module 9: Confusion Code. Set a day and time to revise the materials as there will be plenty to keep working through as a family once the program ends. 

Follow up module 1 (3 months after 9th module): Progress update; self esteem activity.  

Follow up module 2 (6 months after 9th module): Progress update; SAS Stars; graduation ceremony. 

Between session activities such as the Home Missions and Skill Tracker Card are key elements of the success of the program as they help to generalise the skills to the child’s natural environment. It is recommended that families consider if they have about 15 minutes per day available to work on the target skills before the apply to enrol in the program. The teacher component of the program takes about 5 minutes per day to review the Skill Tracker Card with the child at school, as well as reading one Teacher Tip Sheet after each SAS session, plus assessment checklists.  

For further information see the Secret Agent Society (SAS) Program website. 

Investment: 14 payments of $251 per invoice NDIS rate or $250 private rate.