Thrill Seekers including Ninja Warrior Clubs: Active Therapy for Growth and Empowerment at Revolution North Lakes, YMCA Mango Hill and Beyond

Step into a world where excitement and exploration converge. Our dynamic therapy programs are designed to ignite a spirit of discovery and engagement, offering a range of thrilling activities that cater to various interests. Whether you're conquering Ninja Warrior obstacles, gracefully navigating Aerial Silks, bouncing with joy on trampolines, diving into drone and robotics challenges, or connecting with nature through eco-adventures, our diverse clubs provide a variety of experiences to choose from. Join us at locations like Revolution North Lakes and YMCA Mango Hill to embark on a journey of skill exploration and personal discovery. Our clubs celebrate the unique abilities of each individual, creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

Thrill Seekers including Ninja Warrior Clubs: Active Therapy for Exploration and Engagement at Revolution North Lakes, YMCA Mango Hill and Beyond

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Thrill Seekers Clubs present a dynamic range of active therapy programs, designed to spark engagement, exploration, and enjoyment! Whether it’s tackling Ninja Warrior challenges, experiencing the art of Aerial Silks, or enjoying the exhilaration of trampoline activities, we offer a variety of adventures for participants to explore.

Ninja Warrior/Silk Sensations Clubs at YMCA Mango Hill:

For young adventurers, the Ninja Warrior/Silk Sensations Clubs at YMCA Mango Hill present an exciting range of activities. The Fun Seekers Ninja Club offers a playful environment for supportive free play, while the Parkour Ninjas Club introduces energetic drills and activities inspired by Ninja and Parkour techniques. Additionally, the Silk Sensations Club invites budding aerialists to experience the elegance and thrill of silks in a therapeutic context. It’s important to note that these clubs offer a fun approach to therapy and are not formal classes in ninja, parkour, or silks.

Rock & Bounce Club at Revolution North Lakes:

The Rock & Bounce Club at Revolution North Lakes is suitable for energetic young ones, aiming to spark joy and excitement. Participants can enjoy supported free play, engaging in playground-style activities in a lively trampoline and rock-climbing environment. Sessions focus on the fun and therapeutic aspects and are not formal trampolining or rock-climbing classes.

Drone & Robotics League:

Explore the world of robotics and drones in our Drone & Robotics League. Engage in challenges and hands-on programming exercises, aiming to nurture skills like problem-solving, organisation, and focus. A unique way to engage and explore new achievements.

Eco-Adventure Club:

In our increasingly indoor-focused world, the significance of nature for well-being is more important than ever. The Eco-Adventure Club offers young people a chance to immerse themselves in nature through eco-adventures inspired by the Forest School approach. Set in a natural environment at Lake Eden, the club provides a variety of activities including water play, muddy escapades, bushwalking, and bushcraft. Alongside these adventures, participants will engage in mindfulness exercises and develop Indigenous awareness. This unique outdoor experience not only aligns with the Australian Curriculum but also enhances academic skills, including handwriting development, all while deepening the young person’s connection to the environment.


Addressing NDIS Functional Impairment Areas with Thrill Seekers Clubs:

Thrill Seekers Clubs offer a range of activities designed to engage various NDIS functional impairment areas, focusing on growth and development:

  • Mobility: Activities in our Ninja Warrior, Parkour, and Trampoline Clubs aim to engage participants in physical fitness, balance, coordination, and motor skills development.
  • Communication: The clubs strive to create a supportive environment that encourages social interaction, teamwork, and relationship building, potentially enhancing communication skills.
  • Social Interaction: Club activities provide opportunities for participants to engage in social interactions, potentially aiding in the development of friendships and social skills.
  • Learning: Through stimulating activities, Thrill Seekers Clubs aim to support participants in areas such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and executive functioning.
  • Self-Care: The clubs focus on physical activities, which may indirectly support participants in their self-care routines.
  • Behavioural: The active environment of the clubs offers participants opportunities to engage in physical activities, which could aid in managing emotions and promoting self-regulation.
  • Health and Well-being: Regular physical activity as part of the club’s activities may contribute to general health and well-being.


At Thrill Seekers Clubs, our focus is on offering an inclusive and enriching experience for every participant. Our team, comprising Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Allied Health Assistants, is dedicated to guiding individuals through their exciting journeys of growth and development. We take a holistic approach to therapy, acknowledging and celebrating the unique abilities of each adventurer, while fostering active engagement and enjoyment. Download the Thrill Seekers flyer here.

Join us at Revolution North Lakes, YMCA Mango Hill, and other locations to experience the exciting adventures we have in store! Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey filled with engaging activities and opportunities for skill exploration.


*Cost for the group Program of Support by therapist is $193.98 per hour, and by therapy assistant is $86.78 per hour (plus $32.33 per session for case consultations with therapist) covering the complete therapy experience tailored to your needs (break down of fee schedule to be provided upon enquiry). Additional intake fees apply to for the time set up the resources for the program and mileage ($6.46) applies for clubs held off site.