Join the Succeed Academy! Intermediate and Advanced Telehealth Consultancy (practical training)

Were you quick to switch to telehealth during COVID but don’t feel like you were getting the results you were after? Did you have difficulties working out how to provide your usual services using an online format? Felt exhausted delivering therapy online? Do you feel like there is more to telehealth that you haven’t tapped into? Can telehealth complement your current in person services? Are ready for the next COVID restrictions? Are you seeking practical training tailored to your needs, not just theoretical? Our training packages are suitable for therapists and Allied Health Assistants/Support Workers. 

Intermediate Training Package:

Through this one day training package, Succeed Healthcare Solutions can help your team to: 

  • Explore the barriers and opportunities of telehealth for your organisation 
  • How to market telehealth to clients 
  • Identify the existing strengths in your current team for telehealth
  • Telehealth logistics
  • Live simulation of telehealth
  • A facilitated question and answer session 
  • Role playing exercises for staff 
  • The latest evidence on the effectiveness of telehealth 
  • Facilitate your team to explore what your business currently offers that could work online, and how to adapt these services to suit telehealth. 

 Advanced Training Package: 

  • For practitioners who have some experience in telehealth but want to expand their repertoire. 
  • Be informed of the latest advances in telehealth since COVID. 
  • Creative ways to engage younger clients. 
  • Find out where the direction of telehealth may be heading in the future. 
  • Apps to support clients with following through activities between sessions.
  • Optional additional guest presenters (for an added fee) in areas of speciality. 


Pre and post telehealth training results.

Fee: $195 per hour