Partnerships for Success Club

Many carers worry if their young person will find love and maintain a long term relationship. Young people may share that anxiety. Succeed strives to assist young couples to build stronger long term relationships and healthier ways to cope with issues as they arise.

Why attend?

At the heart of lasting long term relationships is a solid friendship. Partnerships for Success seeks to assist couples to acquire practical skills for achieving stronger, healthier long term romantic relationships. During Partnerships for Success, participants will be supported by their Partnership Coach (ie. parent/carer/support person) for support to practice and implement the skills learnt between sessions.

How does this differ to other relationship programs?

Adapted for neurodiverse participants by Succeed Healthcare Solutions from the seven evidence based principles developed by the Gottman Institute, we help couples aspire to ‘divorce proof’ or rescue their relationship. Preventative attendance is highly recommended (ie before conflict develops) where possible. Principles are adapted into relationship ‘rules’ and ‘contracts’, and the vocabulary is adapted to suit the special interests of the couple where possible.

What skills are covered?

The skills covered in the 8 x 1.5 hour session program include:

  • Why is a happy long term partnership beneficial?
  • Partnership contracts
  • Enhancing your love maps
  • Nurturing fondness and admiration
  • Turning toward each other instead of away
  • Letting your partner influence you
  • Solving your solvable problems
  • Overcoming gridlock
  • Creating shared meaning.

Therapy assistants are available to generalise skills learnt during clubs to the everyday environment.

*This is an educational skills building program, not couples therapy counselling. If you experience depression, domestic violence or substance abuse, please consult a professional counsellor or psychologist. 

*Private hourly individual rate is $195. NDIS hourly individual rate is $193.99. Cost for the group Program of Support will average about $170 per hour including a complete customer experience tailored to your young persons' needs (break down of fee schedule to be provided upon enquiry).