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Welcome to LifeSports. At SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad, our mission is to empower aspiring athletes of all abilities through the joy of sports. Our programs are carefully crafted by experienced exercise physiologists who design personalised training and therapy plans tailored to suit each participant's unique strengths and areas of development. These expertly designed programs are then implemented by our dedicated allied health assistants, with the aim that every individual receives the attention and support they need to thrive in their sports journey. With a focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, our integrated approach strives to provide a supportive environment where aspiring athletes can flourish and achieve their full potential.

Experience SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad: Where Sports Therapy, Exercise Physiologist Brisbane, and Dedicated Allied Health Assistants Create a Winning Team!

At SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad, we are dedicated to empowering aspiring athletes of all abilities through the joy of sports! Our programs are led by experienced exercise physiologists who are passionate about helping individuals achieve their full potential, regardless of their unique needs and abilities. Our team of accredited exercise physiologists design activities and training sessions that cater to every individual’s strengths and areas of development, nurturing skills that extend beyond the playing field and contribute to overall personal growth. This includes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

To ensure a seamless and enriching experience, both SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad employ a dedicated team of allied health assistants working under the indirect supervision of our clinical exercise physiologist Brisbane. These skilled assistants play an integral role in our programs, providing personalised support to each aspiring athlete. Under the guidance of our accredited exercise physiologists, they ensure that every participant receives the attention and guidance they need to thrive, creating a safe and nurturing environment for individuals of all abilities to flourish.

By having our exercise physiologists design the programs and our allied health assistants carry them out, we can offer numerous benefits to our participants of all abilities. Firstly, this integrated approach ensures that each program is tailored to suit individual needs and therapeutic goals, maximising the effectiveness of the sessions. Secondly, it allows for cost savings as our allied health assistants are trained to deliver the programs, providing high-quality care at a lower cost. Additionally, this collaborative approach allows for more flexible appointment scheduling, making it convenient for participants to attend sessions at their preferred times.

SportSense: Embrace Your Athletic Potential Across Popular Sports in Queensland

At SportSense, we offer a comprehensive sports therapy program that covers a wide range of popular sports in Queensland, catering to individuals of all abilities. Our exercise physiologists are experts in designing training programs to enhance athletic potential and promote overall fitness and wellness for aspiring athletes. Whether you’re into soccer, football, basketball, swimming (aquatic therapy) or any other beloved sport, SportSense provides a dynamic and supportive setting to help you achieve your goals.

Dolphin Surf Squad Redcliffe: Holistic Aquatic Therapy for Aspiring Athletes of All Abilities by the Beach

Dolphin Surf Squad offers a unique aquatic therapy program that takes place on Sutton’s Beach, Redcliffe, where Surf Life Saving principles and therapeutic activities converge. Our exercise physiologists have designed this innovative program to harness the therapeutic properties of the ocean, promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being for aspiring athletes of all abilities. Dolphin Surf Squad is the perfect choice for individuals seeking holistic water-based exploration in the beautiful surroundings of the beach.

The key feature that sets Dolphin Surf Squad apart is its focus on water safety and Surf Life Saving principles. Participants not only benefit from therapeutic play and exercises in the water but also gain valuable knowledge about beach safety. This dual approach instils confidence and independence in and around aquatic environments, making it a valuable program for aspiring athletes of all abilities and ages.

NDIS Functional Areas Addressed

LifeSports takes a comprehensive approach to address the NDIS functional areas throughout the sports programs.

Mobility: SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad focus on improving participants’ mobility through sports and aquatic therapy. These activities are carefully designed to enhance balance, strength, and coordination, facilitating better movement and engagement in both on-field and aquatic environments.

Communication: While sports therapy remains the primary focus, improved mobility and participation in team sports fosters communication skills. As individuals interact with peers and coaches during the sessions, they have opportunities to develop and refine their social communication abilities.

Social Interaction: SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad prioritise creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants, encouraging social interactions during team sports and water-based activities. Engaging with peers in these settings helps enhance social skills and promotes positive social interactions through tailored activities, team-building exercises, and interactive games.

Self-Management: At LifeSports, we believe in promoting overall personal growth, which includes mental and emotional well-being. This approach indirectly influences self-management skills, fostering confidence, motivation, and a sense of accomplishment.

Learning: Participating in sports can support learning by enhancing cognitive skills such as attention, focus, and strategic thinking. These cognitive benefits can have positive effects in academic and daily life contexts.

Self-Care: Both SportSense and Dolphin Surf Squad programs are designed to support participants’ physical well-being, which indirectly impacts self-care by promoting independence and abilities related to dressing, grooming, and overall personal care.

With a collaborative and personalised approach, LifeSports aims to empower participants to achieve their full potential in physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The dedication of our team seeks to ensure that each participant receives the necessary support to succeed and enjoy their sports therapy adventure to the fullest.

Discover Your Ideal Sports Therapy Adventure Today!

Whether you choose SportSense with its diverse range of popular sports or Dolphin Surf Squad with its beach-based AquaTherapies, you can rest assured that our expert exercise physiologist Brisbane will design a program to suit your specific needs, and our dedicated allied health assistants will support you every step of the way. Whether you aspire to enhance your athletic potential, develop new skills, or simply have fun and stay active, we have the right program for you. Let us guide you on a fun and rewarding journey towards success and well-being!


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*Cost for the group Program of Support by therapist is up to $193.98 per hour, and by therapy assistant is $86.78 per hour (plus $21.55 per session for case consultations with therapist) covering the complete therapy experience tailored to your young persons' needs (break down of fee schedule to be provided upon enquiry). Additional intake fees apply to for the time set up the resources for the program and mileage ($6.46) applies for clubs held off site.