Health, Wealth and Stealth Club (Family Well-Being)

Succeed Healthcare Solutions believes that a wholistic family focus is beneficial to each member of the family, rather than focusing on just one member of the family.

The Health, Wealth and Stealth Club works with families to identify values, goals, and meaningful activities to improve family well-being, closeness and harmony.

Held over five 60 minute sessions with the family members together, using activity based experiential therapy where possible.

Topics covered:

  • Communication skills
  • Exploring life balance; identifying family values and joint goal setting 
  • Exploring mood (language, thoughts, and beliefs) 
  • Activity dairy and planning 
  • Mindfulness and relaxation. Sleep management.


*Private hourly individual rate is $195. NDIS hourly individual rate is $193.99. Cost for the group Program of Support will average about $170 per hour per person (billed to a maximum of 3 people even if more attend) including the complete therapy experience tailored to your families needs (break down of fee schedule to be provided upon enquiry).