Gamers for Success Clubs (Mightier and HeartMath biofeedback)

Many carers wonder how they can channel their young persons interests in digital devices for good. We make therapy fun, engaging, and visual by using gaming and biofeedback programs to teach stress, anxiety, self-regulation and emotion management skills.

Why attend?

Young people can struggle to apply relaxation skills in everyday life as they don’t see the immediate benefits.

How does it work?

Biofeedback technology helps to build coping skills in young people through using motivating video games. They help young people to identify their feelings and use calming strategies such as slowing their heart rate through deep breathing. The difficulty of the games change according to the young person’s heart rate. 

Our therapists provide coaching in the use of gaming biofeedback programs, and the application of emotion regulation strategies learnt to everyday life.

Gamers Clubs include:

  • Mightier Biofeedback Program (4 session individual program) for ages 5-14
  • HeartMath Biofeedback (4 session individual program) for ages 4+

HeartMath technology provides real-time, visible evidence that young people can control their thoughts and emotions through seeing and shifting their heart rate through simple techniques. For more information see see HeartMath.

*Private hourly individual rate is $195. NDIS hourly individual rate is $193.99. Cost for the group Program of Support will average about $170 per hour including a complete customer experience tailored to your young persons' needs (break down of fee schedule to be provided upon enquiry). Tablet subscription through Mightier is a separate cost charged per month (plus delivery). HeartMath equipment is a separate cost.