Rejuvenate with FitFusion by Our Expert North Lakes Physiotherapy Team and Allied Health Assistants

Welcome to North Lakes Physiotherapy: FitFusion, where we offer a unique and personalised approach to physiotherapy. Our experienced team of physiotherapists is dedicated to providing support across a range of areas including motor skills development, sensory processing, balance, coordination, and much more. Our aim is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment through a variety of innovative programs designed to enhance health and vitality.

North Lakes Physiotherapy: FitFusion

North Lakes Physiotherapy: FitFusion offers a unique approach to physiotherapy, tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by our participants. We offer a comprehensive array of programs designed to address a variety of physical challenges, from motor skills development to sensory processing adaptations.

Our dedicated team of physiotherapists utilises targeted exercises and activities to facilitate Motor Skills Development, focusing on both gross and fine motor skills essential for daily activities. Recognising the diverse Sensory Processing Differences that participants may experience, our programs aim to provide strategies to manage sensitivity, making the world around them more navigable.

Balance and Coordination exercises are a core aspect of our therapeutic services, aimed at improving mobility. We also place a strong emphasis on Muscle Strength and Endurance, critical for active participation in physical activities. Encouraging Physical Activity and Participation, our physiotherapists work to recommend and adapt activities that are both enjoyable and suitable, promoting a lifestyle enriched with health and activity.

Evaluations of Posture and Ergonomics are integral to our approach, aimed at enhancing comfort and preventing discomfort in everyday settings. Our Pain Management strategies are developed to address chronic pain or discomfort, providing relief and improving the quality of life. For those with limited Joint Mobility, our physiotherapists offer stretching and mobility exercises, aimed at enhancing flexibility and range of motion.

Moreover, our services include techniques for Relaxation and Stress Relief, assisting participants who may experience elevated levels of anxiety, thus contributing to a balanced state of well-being. The overarching aim of our interventions is to enhance Overall Physical Fitness, making a positive contribution to the participants’ overall quality of life.

Our Signature FitFusion Programs

Teen Walk/Jog/Gym Club provides a supportive and motivating environment for teenagers to engage in walking, jogging and gym activities designed to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness. This club is perfect for teens looking to build healthy habits, gain confidence, and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise. The Teen Walk/Jog/Gym Club is followed by the optional Homework Club, offering a structured time and place for students to focus on the underlying executive function skills of academic tasks with support from our therapy team.

AquaGym Fusion Program merges the therapeutic properties of water with gym activities in a sensory-friendly setting. This is ideal for low-impact exercises and promoting a comprehensive wellness experience.

SportSense Program caters to sports enthusiasts, offering customised training programs across a range of sports to enhance sporting participation and performance. This includes soccer, AFL, basketball, tennis and handball. 

PlayPhysio VR employs the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality to provide engaging, goal-oriented therapy sessions. They focus on mobility, balance, and strength, presenting an engaging alternative to conventional therapy practices.

NatureFusion Physio invites participants to experience the calm of nature, with personalised outdoor therapy sessions that combine physical and cognitive activities in tranquil settings for a rejuvenating therapeutic experience. For more information on the benefits of physiotherapy in nature see Environmental Physiotherapy Association

Dolphin Surf Squad Redcliffe introduces a unique aquatic therapy program that blends therapeutic exercises with Surf Life Saving style principles. This is designed for participants drawn to water safety and aquatic activities at the beautiful Sutton’s Beach in Redcliffe.

At North Lakes Physiotherapy: FitFusion, we are committed to guiding our participants through a journey towards greater independence and fuller participation in daily activities. Explore the potential of our physiotherapy services and discover how our programs can contribute to an improved quality of life. For comprehensive individual Occupational Therapy services, try LifeHacks Pro


*Private hourly individual rate is $195 for therapist, or $120 for allied health assistant including 10 minutes physiotherapist case conference. NDIS hourly individual rate is $193.99 for therapist, or $86.79 for therapy assistant (plus $32.33 per session for 10 mins case consultations with physiotherapist).