Carer Education Package – recommended for most new clients

Our Carer Education Package* is designed to show families how to achieve ‘quick wins’ where possible themselves, using the best evidence-based methods available.


Carer Education Package  Purpose  Who’s involved  Investment  Mode 
Session 1  Discover 7 clinical areas of potential need. Carer ratings are generally reviewed 12 weekly to ensure progress is being made.  Carer  1 hour interview with Allied Health Assistant 

1 hour Occupational Therapy written summary 

Telehealth (Zoom) 
Session 2  Learn to ‘think like a therapist’ and set achievable goals that are important to you. 

Learn how to make goals motivating to increase the chance of success. 


Carer (if child <13 years) 

Carer for 30 minutes and young person for 30 minutes (if youth 13+) 

1 hour education session with Occupational Therapist 

30 minutes follow up by OT. 

Draft goal(s) and handout provided. 

Online questionnaire for young person aged 13+ to complete. 


*Not required for families who plan to undertake Secret Agent Society, Family Fulfilment Club or Functional Rehabilitation Club. 

Allied Health Assistant interview $86.79 NDIS rate or $90 private rate. Occupational Therapy written summary $193.99 NDIS rate or $195 private rate.