Enchanting Therapy Adventures: Artful Paws Art Style Therapy in North Lakes & Sparkling Hooves Equine Therapy in Burpengary

Welcome to Artful Paws and Sparkling Hooves, where the power of 'magic', empowerment, and creative expression come together to enrich lives! We offer a diverse range of enchanting therapeutic adventures, including equine therapy at Sparkling Hooves in Burpengary, canine-assisted therapy, and art therapy at our North Lakes clinic. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to empower individuals, nurturing emotional well-being and embracing the wonders of learning and self-discovery. With the flexibility to choose between experienced therapists and dedicated allied health assistants, we provide personalised and inclusive experiences to suit your preferences. Join us on a journey of growth and fulfilment, where the magic of horses, the charm of canines, and the power of art await to ignite your potential and open new horizons of possibility.

Enchanting Therapy Adventures: Artful Paws North Lakes & Sparkling Hooves Equine Therapy Burpengary

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Welcome to Artful Paws and Sparkling Hooves, where ‘magic’, empowerment, and creative expression converge to offer a therapeutic experience. Our programs, including equine therapy at Sparkling Hooves in Burpengary, canine-assisted therapy, and art therapy at our North Lakes clinic in Brisbane, have been thoughtfully designed to empower and enrich the lives of our participants. With a focus on providing inclusive and flexible options, our diverse range of programs caters to individual preferences and goals, fostering a warm and supportive environment for growth and well-being. Participants can choose between experienced therapists and dedicated allied health assistants (where available), ensuring a personalised and enriching journey.


At HEART Club, we invite you to embark on a therapeutic journey that harnesses the power of art to nurture emotional well-being, promote self-discovery, and encourage personal growth. Art therapy is a unique form of therapy that utilises the creative process of art-making with the aim of improving emotional, social and physical well-being. 

Our art therapy style services are tailored to each individual’s needs and are suitable for diverse populations, including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. In our safe and supportive space, participants have the opportunity to explore various low mess artistic techniques and mediums, fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and enhanced self-expression. Engaging in art-making activities may lead to stress reduction, improved communication skills, boosted self-esteem, improved handwriting/fine motor skills and emotional resilience.

Pawsitive Connections Club:

Step into the world of canine-assisted therapy with our Pawsitive Connections Club, where the companionship of Assistance Dogs can open doors to emotional growth and well-being. Our unique approach combines engagement, motivation, and the supportive presence of our canine partners. The unconditional love and understanding offered by our Assistance Dogs create a nurturing environment where participants can address individual goals including food desensitisation, fostering emotion regulation skills, building friendships, and enhancing interpersonal connections.

Group sessions in the Pawsitive Connections Club provide ample opportunities to engage in various Assistance Dog ‘training’ activities, such as obedience, agility, grooming, desensitisation, and socialisation. These activities not only promote physical exercise but also offer valuable insights into the world of canine care and training. 

Girl with assistance dog in occupational therapy session, promoting interaction and sensory experiences in occupational therapy

Sparkling Hooves – Equine Therapy Burpengary:

Welcome to Sparkling Hooves Equine Therapy Burpengary, a captivating experience that blends the ‘magic’ of horses with the journey of self-discovery and optional academic exploration. Located in Burpengary, Brisbane, our equine therapy program offers a unique combination of horse-themed learning and emotional support. Engage with our magnificent equine partners and discover Horse Powered Reading® and Horse Powered Maths aligning with the Australian Curriculum in an enchanting horse-themed setting, if desired. We deliver evidence based Fast Forword reading exercises adapted to a horse setting using Horse Powered Reading principles. 

Through interaction with our gentle equine companions, participants can also experience ‘magical’ horsemanship to have the opportunity to develop essential social skills, emotional regulation, motor skills, coordination, and balance.

NDIS Functional Areas Addressed

Here’s how each club targets the specific NDIS functional areas:

Mobility: Sparkling Hooves can directly address mobility challenges through activities involving horses, such as grooming, leading, and interacting with them. Pawsitive Connections also incorporates movement-based activities that promote physical mobility and coordination.

Self-care: Pawsitive Connections can focus on broadening restricted diets for fussy eaters through systematic desensitisation using fun experiences that revolve around the Assistance Dog. The program also addresses food preparation, hygiene, and safety to promote better self-care habits and skills. Participants engage in enjoyable activities that encourage them to explore new foods and develop healthier eating habits, while also learning important aspects of food handling and personal hygiene. Through these interventions, Pawsitive Connections aims to enhance self-care abilities and improve overall well-being.

Communication: Art Therapy in HEART Club and animal-assisted therapy in Pawsitive Connections and Sparkling Hooves aim to enhance communication skills. Interacting with art and therapy animals can provide a safe environment for individuals to express themselves and develop communication abilities.

Social Interaction: All three clubs actively encourage social interaction. Art Therapy in HEART Club, interactions with therapy animals in Pawsitive Connections, and group sessions in Sparkling Hooves create opportunities for individuals to engage with others and form meaningful relationships.

Self-management: Interacting with therapy animals can help participants develop emotional regulation, coping skills, and a sense of responsibility, promoting better self-awareness and resilience.

Learning: Art Therapy in HEART Club and equine-assisted learning in Sparkling Hooves incorporate educational aspects. Engaging in art and learning horsemanship skills provides opportunities for cognitive development and skill acquisition. Pawsitive Connections may also utilise animal-assisted therapy to support learning and educational activities. HEART Club can assist with reflective learning and hand lettering. 

Through their various approaches, HEART Club (art therapy), Pawsitive Connections, and Sparkling Hooves can collectively offer comprehensive support, addressing a wide range of functional areas to help individuals with disabilities thrive and achieve their goals.

The Power of Choice and Flexibility:

At Artful Paws and Sparkling Hooves, we understand that each individual’s journey is unique. As a result, we offer flexible options for participants to tailor their therapeutic experience according to their preferences and goals. Whether you prefer the expertise of experienced therapists or the dedicated support of allied health assistants, our team is committed to guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

Join us on a Mesmerising Journey:

Artful Paws and Sparkling Hooves invite you to embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and creative expression. Our programs offer a unique blend of enchanting experiences with horses, the companionship of canines, and the therapeutic power of art. Through this holistic approach, we aim to ignite your potential and open new horizons of growth, fostering personal development, emotional well-being, and enriched relationships.

Let the ‘magic’ of horses, the charm of canines, and the power of art enrich your life. Contact us today to secure your spot and embrace the enchanting adventures that await! Download the Artful Paws & Sparkling Hooves flyer here. 

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*Private hourly individual rate is $195 for therapist, or $90 for allied health assistant (plus $9 per session for case consultations with therapist). NDIS hourly individual rate is $193.99 for therapist, or $86.79 for therapy assistant (plus about $13 per session for case consultations with therapist).